Friday, 8 July 2011


So this is a test to see if I got my html editing correct!! It should be a nice font, black & bigger - fingers crossed!

So I can only do it manually, not automattically - will need to investigate! Plus why do my exclamation marks looks like "L"'s ..... !!!! Not good as I love exclamation marks!

It's been a year!

Yes can you believe it, it's been a year since I last blogged?!! Nothing has changed, Im still single, still working the same job, still crafting and still exercising my butt off! I have changed my blog background though!

Hopefully I can get back into blogging when time allows in order to share my projects with you. I still haven't mastered sewing yet, but have recently found some tutorials that I would like to try so be prepared to see some disastrous photographs of my attempts!

Edit : Just posted this and I cant see the text - I need to re-learn how to change the colour of the font, *sigh* I should never have taken a break!!