Friday, 9 July 2010

July Challenge - Day 9

So we're getting there, but I nearly forgot about keping the blogging going!

Its been a hard week with me being night shift but here's the update ....

1. Blog once a week minimum (2/4) - Its week two and here I am!!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (8/31) Ok so I definitely missed a day due to being tired and grumpy! But Ive followed through every other day.

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (7/20) Just home from indoor climbing and Im exhausted, I went running after nightshift each morning so Im well on target!

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1) The greenhouse is still standing though a little damaged! My pumpkin plants have started regrowing again - yay! No sign of the carrots, lettuce, or broccilli yet but it hasn't been so warm this week ...... still waiting!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (0/3) No donations yet.

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