Friday, 16 July 2010

July Challenge - Day 16

1. Blog once a week minimum (3/4) - Here I am again!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (15/31) - Still going with this one, including helping an old lady with her shopping today, complimenting a friends outfit, and holding the lift for someone when really I just wanted to get moving!

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (11/20) - Been rock climbing again, and running after work, but I missed out on cycling today because I woke up at 6am being sick. Hopefully I'll be OK tomorrow and I can get back on my bike.

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1) Well I wont count it as a success yet but yesterday I noticed the tiniest green shoot appearing and today I see there are around three coming through. The weather is still cold, very wet and windy so hopefully if it gets better these guys will havea chance!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (3/3) Well I actually made three donations, two yesterday and one today. See what lying in bed sick does for you! Yesterday I made two new KIVA donations ( I lent $25 each to Fe from the Phillipines and a group in Krygyzhstan. Today I donated $15 to Rachel the creator of as she is running a marathon and is raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, rather her than me running a marathon!

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