Sunday, 4 July 2010

The challenge so far .... day 4

1. Blog once a week minimum (1/4) - Second time in a week, success!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (4/31) Doing my best with this each day! Todays' involved texting my Mum since I havent seen her for two weeks.

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (3/20) So far Ive run after work, cycled before work, walked for 4 hours and today Im resting!

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1) OK, so the other day I built the marvelous greenhouse, and I potted some pumpkin plants that I had started to grow. This morning I looked out to check on my work and to my dismay the greenhouse had blown over and the plants were upside down and dirt everywhere. The wind is really bad today and the greenhouse is really light (plastic not glass) so its just blown over. Ive re-potted my pumpkin plants but they aren't looking too good now. Ive also sewn some brocolli, carrots and lettuce, but to be honest I don't really know what Im doing so who knows if they will ever grow! I've weighed down the greenhouse but I can't see it lasting long in Scotland - I should have thought this through better!!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (0/3) No donations yet.

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