Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sew Sleepy!

I made the bold statement at the end of February that I wanted to make March the month for experimenting with my very un-used sewing machine and actually start learning how to use the thing. Its not a fancy machine but Ive no sewing skills/knowledge, and wanted to change that.

Unfortunately time hasn't been on my side so there hasn't been much experiment, however I did make the pillowcase dress (see previous post), and I did manage something else this week.

I work shifts, and Im on nightshift this week and this gave me the push I needed. Its getting lighter again earlier and this makes it harder to get a good sleep during the day, so I decided to make myself a sleeping mask, (well at least try to!!).

I had wanted to make one probably since this time last year, but didn't think it would be easy, but it was!

I drew myself a template cut a few peices of fabric for either side and some felt for inside to block the light and then sewed them together! Sew simple!!

In fact they are so simple that I think I'll be making one for my mum and sister!

Apologies for the rather horrid photo of me modelling my creation!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Geocaching Day

As regular readers of my blog will know I love geocaching. Well they say like father like son, but in my house its more like father, like daughter!

So yes I introduced my Dad to geocaching a while back and he enjoys the challenge too!

Well today I drove over to his house, and we spent the day caching. First we went cycling & we tried a cache near his house. We also hid our first geocache in a spot he liked, it'll be fun to see who's first to find it!

We then returned to his house and then drove to Stirling and spent the day there on the hunt. Stirling is a beautiful place and rich in history, if only the days were longer!

Pictured is Rob Roy, who guards a nearby cache!

A succesful day with the stats .... Found 9 Hidden 1 Exhausted persons 2!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Inchies Galore

Oh dear isn't time flying and Im not blogging!

Ive still been making though, just not sharing it!

Pictured first are 10 inchies I made for a "Stamped Inchie Swap". each stamp had to have a rubber stamped image involved. I stamped the females and males on these, and the others have stamped objects and backgrounds.

I then made 12 inchies yesterday for a "Travel the World Inchie Swap" that Im hosting on swapbot. Four each for two partners and an extra set for a girl who was disappointed with the ones she recieved from her partner. Hope she likes mine!

I posted them off today on my way back from geocaching. A six mile walk through the woods near my home. The cache hadn't been found for over a year and a half so I wasn't 100% postive I would find it but I did! It was a gorgeous wee spot near a few small waterfalls. I sat there for a while, not only to catch my breath but because I love water, its so peaceful even when its racing down a hill!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Catch up!

Eak, its been 10 days and no posting - perhaps the February challenge was good for me after all!

Don't worry though I haven't been doing nothing with my time, I'll admit I haven't done as much as I could have, but I have made progress in the craft room!

I blame my lack of blogging on the Wii - its taking over my spare time! Have you played Big Bass Fishing - its addicting trying to land those fish! LOL!

Anyway, in the craft room this week I have been working on a project altering a tin. I joined a swap in swapbot where you had to alter something and include a key. I bought a set of gorgeous old keys and used two of them for my project.

The tin started out as a Hannah Montanta sweetie tin, and I covered it with primer and then a layer of acrylic paint. I used one of those Adirondack Acylic Paint Dabber - Lake Mist. So easy to use and I made it so it had a rough surface.

I then stamped the back (as shown above) with a Crafty Individuals rubber stamp (see, and some black Staz-on ink.

I heat set it and then added a layer of modge pod to seal it.

For the front of the tin, I used the same base coat of paint and added some Steampunk collage, which I glued down with decoupage glue.

I then drilled a hole in the tin and added an eyelet to attach the keys through. Unfotunately I didn't think this through properly as the tin wont slide open now due to the key ring stopping it. Oh well next time I'll know!

I tied a ribbon round one of the keys and added a cog from a watch, to add to the steampunk effect (I hope!).

I then finished the front of the tin with two layers of Diamond Glaze to seal it and add a great shine.

The tin already had a short chain on it so I left that in place.