Friday, 29 January 2010

Inchies Galore

Well I was out with the girls last night, so didn't get to bed until half six this morning - I was in the house earlier than this but HAD to watch last nights The Biggest Loser!! Im addicted to it - this is the first time Ive even HAD to watch a TV programme!

Due to being late to bed, I only had a few hours this afternoon to craft, but I made the most of it!

I finished off my magnetic inchies with some diamond glaze, although this stops you photographing them very well!

I also made inchies for the Alphabet Inchie Swap Im hosting on swapbot. This round was for the letters P - T. I went for Pirate, Queen, Red, Spider (which scared me even making it!!), & T-shirt! I haven't photogrpahed them yet, but I'll share soon.

I ordered some new paper pads today, ive had some bad luck of late and thought I'd treat myself since its payday. I went to the site with the intention of only spending £10, but ended up spending £20 - shame on me! I have millions of paper already!! I can't wait for it to arrive though! It will be the same as normal, I'll think its too nice to use and end up adding it to the pile - does anyone else do this?!

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well I mailed 11 packages today - 3 are for swaps on swapbot and the other 8 are surprise packages for swapbot members ..... will you be getting one?! The surprise packages contain handmade phone/bag charms that I made. Hope the receivers like them!

Ive been busy crafting away and Ive been making some really cool inchies (in my opinion anyway!). Ive got my magnetic ones ready for a swap, but don't know who Im sending too yet, only a few days until partners are assigned.

I also made a Sakura Pendant. I joined a swap for them back in June 2009 i think, I was looking at the old swap the other day and realised that someone had not got one from their partner so offered to make her one as it was a shame for her to miss out. Its now ready, and Im just waiting on her sending me her address.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Yoker at night

So I was dropping a friend off the other night after the cinema, and I saw a great view from near her house, but I didn't have my camera with me. It was about midnight and my camera phone just wasn't up to the task.

Anyway not one to be defeated I returned last night after work and armed with my camera attempted to get a good shot. Unfortunately it was windy and I was taking a photo over the river Clyde so the water wasn't smooth like a few nights before. I couldn't get a very good photo, I really need to study my camera more! Here is the final shot I settled for.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Im working today, so no time for being creative, however I made these inchies & ATCs yesterday so thought I'd share them. They are all for swaps I joined on I'd be lost without my daily fix of swapbot!

These inchies are for the "Love is in the air" swap that I'm hosting. One of the inchies opens up like a Valentines Day Card!

I then made two of these ATCs, for some swaps Im in.

Lastly I made some Zentangle Inchies, Im hosting a "Black & White" inchie swap so I'm not sure if I'll use these for that swap or just keep them for a zentangle swap!

Monday, 25 January 2010

First Post

Well here it is, my first post! I have been tinkering with the idea of starting a blog for forever and at last sat down and did it today.

I plan to use the blog for my ramblings, to share my photographs, and to learn from others, but until I learn how to use the site (Ive already lost this post twice!), I'll just start today with ten facts about me ....

1. I love crafting - hence the blog title

2. I only eat crisps & chocolate on a Saturday & Sunday

3. Outdoors is the place to be

4. I know British Sign Language

5. I take too many photographs

6. Im a geocacher (Krazy-cache-hunter)

7. My favourite colour is green

8. I could eat macaroni & cheese for every meal for the rest of my life

9. Music beats television

10. I can't spell!