Sunday, 25 July 2010

July Challenge - Day 25

1. Blog once a week minimum (4/4) - Its the last week - thank goodness!!! I hate the feeling of being forced to do stuff I've decided!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day (20/31) - I'll be honest and admit Ive lost count on this one, some days are easier than others filled with good deeds and others its all I can do not to throttle someone! Ive only missed a few days so I'm happy with my count.

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (16/20) - I have busted a guton this one, doing something nearly every day. Today Ive been lazy but I am night shift!

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (1/1) My pumpkin plant has bloomed :D and I have lots of shoots appearing in the veggies part so Im happy. I did find a HUGE slug on one of the leaves this morning and its clearly been nibbling. I'll need to find a way to protect my babies!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (3/3) Already completed this one, but hopefully donate some clothes over the next few days.

Friday, 16 July 2010

July Challenge - Day 16

1. Blog once a week minimum (3/4) - Here I am again!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (15/31) - Still going with this one, including helping an old lady with her shopping today, complimenting a friends outfit, and holding the lift for someone when really I just wanted to get moving!

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (11/20) - Been rock climbing again, and running after work, but I missed out on cycling today because I woke up at 6am being sick. Hopefully I'll be OK tomorrow and I can get back on my bike.

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1) Well I wont count it as a success yet but yesterday I noticed the tiniest green shoot appearing and today I see there are around three coming through. The weather is still cold, very wet and windy so hopefully if it gets better these guys will havea chance!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (3/3) Well I actually made three donations, two yesterday and one today. See what lying in bed sick does for you! Yesterday I made two new KIVA donations ( I lent $25 each to Fe from the Phillipines and a group in Krygyzhstan. Today I donated $15 to Rachel the creator of as she is running a marathon and is raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, rather her than me running a marathon!

Friday, 9 July 2010

July Challenge - Day 9

So we're getting there, but I nearly forgot about keping the blogging going!

Its been a hard week with me being night shift but here's the update ....

1. Blog once a week minimum (2/4) - Its week two and here I am!!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (8/31) Ok so I definitely missed a day due to being tired and grumpy! But Ive followed through every other day.

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (7/20) Just home from indoor climbing and Im exhausted, I went running after nightshift each morning so Im well on target!

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1) The greenhouse is still standing though a little damaged! My pumpkin plants have started regrowing again - yay! No sign of the carrots, lettuce, or broccilli yet but it hasn't been so warm this week ...... still waiting!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (0/3) No donations yet.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The challenge so far .... day 4

1. Blog once a week minimum (1/4) - Second time in a week, success!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (4/31) Doing my best with this each day! Todays' involved texting my Mum since I havent seen her for two weeks.

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (3/20) So far Ive run after work, cycled before work, walked for 4 hours and today Im resting!

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1) OK, so the other day I built the marvelous greenhouse, and I potted some pumpkin plants that I had started to grow. This morning I looked out to check on my work and to my dismay the greenhouse had blown over and the plants were upside down and dirt everywhere. The wind is really bad today and the greenhouse is really light (plastic not glass) so its just blown over. Ive re-potted my pumpkin plants but they aren't looking too good now. Ive also sewn some brocolli, carrots and lettuce, but to be honest I don't really know what Im doing so who knows if they will ever grow! I've weighed down the greenhouse but I can't see it lasting long in Scotland - I should have thought this through better!!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (0/3) No donations yet.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

July Challenge...Day 1

Its here - arrggghh! Im already wishing I hadn't set myself a challenge as I forget how hard it can be to fit things around shift work!!

1. Blog once a week minimum (1/4) Im blogging today aren't I! *phew*!

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (1/31) Ive text my friend to wish him luck with an exam.

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (0/20) Im taking my running stuff to work in the hope of doing a run afterwards - thats commitment! Im mean who wants to go running at midnight after doing a 10 hour shift?! Flaming challenges!

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1) Well Ive built a mini green house all ready but its raining today so I'll need to plant another day.

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (0/3) Not yet!

So its not going too bad for day 1, but Im sure there will be days when I just don't manage it!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alterations to July Challenge!

OK, so in my previous post I listed a challenge for myself to complete in July. Well there are a few days to go so Im getting prepared! However I want to alter the list slightly!

At number three I had "Run or cycle for 5 days out of 7 each week", well I want to change this to "Exercise 5 days out of 7 each week" ..... the reason? Well last night I tried indoor climbing for the first time, and it was amazing! I will definitely be trying it again and it is certainly a form of exercise - I was exhausted at the end of the night! So with the wording change I will be able to include it in my 5 a week!

so my list now looks like this ......

1. Blog once a week minimum (0/4)

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best! (0/31)

3. Exercise for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit! (0/20)

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome! (0/1)

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop. (0/3)

I also cut all the grass in my garden yesterday and bought pots and compost for planting the veggies - I'm quite looking forward to seeing if I can get them to grow. Ive never been a gardener and have no idea what Im doing so it could be a disaster!

Until next time......

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Three months!

Oh my goodness it's been three months since I blogged - shame on me!!

Don't panic I haven't been sitting around doing nothing, quite the opposite actually which is why I seem never to have time to blog. I guess I need to set myself a challange to blog at least once a week from now on!

In fact given that there is only a week left in June (doesn't time fly!) I shall set up 5 tasks starting in July!

So .....

1. Blog once a week minimum

2. Say or do one nice thing for someone each day - Im not a fan of recieving compliments so tend not to give them but I shall try my best!

3. Run or cycle for 5 days out of 7 each week - arrrghhh but I need to get fit!

4. Attempt to grow some vegetables during the month - never tried this so any tips welcome!

5. Make three donations during the month - whether its money or clothes to the charity shop.

I will do my best to let you know how I am getting on with them, plus that will help me with #1!

Now before I sign off for tonight I might as well share at least one photo so you know I have been up to something over the last three months!

Here is an Alice in Wonderland Matchbox Shrine that I made.

Ive made a lot of Alice in Wonderland things over the past few months so no doubt you'll see a few more photogrpahs!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sew Sleepy!

I made the bold statement at the end of February that I wanted to make March the month for experimenting with my very un-used sewing machine and actually start learning how to use the thing. Its not a fancy machine but Ive no sewing skills/knowledge, and wanted to change that.

Unfortunately time hasn't been on my side so there hasn't been much experiment, however I did make the pillowcase dress (see previous post), and I did manage something else this week.

I work shifts, and Im on nightshift this week and this gave me the push I needed. Its getting lighter again earlier and this makes it harder to get a good sleep during the day, so I decided to make myself a sleeping mask, (well at least try to!!).

I had wanted to make one probably since this time last year, but didn't think it would be easy, but it was!

I drew myself a template cut a few peices of fabric for either side and some felt for inside to block the light and then sewed them together! Sew simple!!

In fact they are so simple that I think I'll be making one for my mum and sister!

Apologies for the rather horrid photo of me modelling my creation!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Geocaching Day

As regular readers of my blog will know I love geocaching. Well they say like father like son, but in my house its more like father, like daughter!

So yes I introduced my Dad to geocaching a while back and he enjoys the challenge too!

Well today I drove over to his house, and we spent the day caching. First we went cycling & we tried a cache near his house. We also hid our first geocache in a spot he liked, it'll be fun to see who's first to find it!

We then returned to his house and then drove to Stirling and spent the day there on the hunt. Stirling is a beautiful place and rich in history, if only the days were longer!

Pictured is Rob Roy, who guards a nearby cache!

A succesful day with the stats .... Found 9 Hidden 1 Exhausted persons 2!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Inchies Galore

Oh dear isn't time flying and Im not blogging!

Ive still been making though, just not sharing it!

Pictured first are 10 inchies I made for a "Stamped Inchie Swap". each stamp had to have a rubber stamped image involved. I stamped the females and males on these, and the others have stamped objects and backgrounds.

I then made 12 inchies yesterday for a "Travel the World Inchie Swap" that Im hosting on swapbot. Four each for two partners and an extra set for a girl who was disappointed with the ones she recieved from her partner. Hope she likes mine!

I posted them off today on my way back from geocaching. A six mile walk through the woods near my home. The cache hadn't been found for over a year and a half so I wasn't 100% postive I would find it but I did! It was a gorgeous wee spot near a few small waterfalls. I sat there for a while, not only to catch my breath but because I love water, its so peaceful even when its racing down a hill!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Catch up!

Eak, its been 10 days and no posting - perhaps the February challenge was good for me after all!

Don't worry though I haven't been doing nothing with my time, I'll admit I haven't done as much as I could have, but I have made progress in the craft room!

I blame my lack of blogging on the Wii - its taking over my spare time! Have you played Big Bass Fishing - its addicting trying to land those fish! LOL!

Anyway, in the craft room this week I have been working on a project altering a tin. I joined a swap in swapbot where you had to alter something and include a key. I bought a set of gorgeous old keys and used two of them for my project.

The tin started out as a Hannah Montanta sweetie tin, and I covered it with primer and then a layer of acrylic paint. I used one of those Adirondack Acylic Paint Dabber - Lake Mist. So easy to use and I made it so it had a rough surface.

I then stamped the back (as shown above) with a Crafty Individuals rubber stamp (see, and some black Staz-on ink.

I heat set it and then added a layer of modge pod to seal it.

For the front of the tin, I used the same base coat of paint and added some Steampunk collage, which I glued down with decoupage glue.

I then drilled a hole in the tin and added an eyelet to attach the keys through. Unfotunately I didn't think this through properly as the tin wont slide open now due to the key ring stopping it. Oh well next time I'll know!

I tied a ribbon round one of the keys and added a cog from a watch, to add to the steampunk effect (I hope!).

I then finished the front of the tin with two layers of Diamond Glaze to seal it and add a great shine.

The tin already had a short chain on it so I left that in place.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 28

So the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I went AWOL over the last few days.....sorry! I decided to have fun with friends and family on the last few days of my holiday from work and so didn't spend a lot of time online or making anything.

However being that its the last day of the Thing A Day 2010 challenge (thank goodness!), Im back with one last make. I just spent the last two hours making it and if Im tired at work tomorrow this is to blame! LOL!

I was surfing earlier and saw a swap for "pillow case dresses", there is a charity which distributes dresses made from pillowcases to children in Africa who have nothing . I have never heard of these dresses before and started researching as I was interested in how it could be done.

A few years ago I got a sewing machine for my Christmas and have failed to learn how to use it for anything more than Dotee Dolls, so I was planning to spend the month of March challenging myself to get it out and try making things with it.

Well after reading instructions of how to make the dresses and watching youtube videos I decided to give it a go tonight. I know sometimes Im crazy!

But hey presto - Ive actually made one! now I didn't have any decent pillowcases or anything so it was just for practice but Im pretty pleased!!
It should be noted that I seriously have no sewing skills so if I can do it, anyone can - give it a go!

Directions from little dresses for africa -

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 24

So I thought I wasn't going to have time to 'make' anything today, due to work and then plans this evening. So my 'make' for todays Thing A Day 2010 challenge was another Kiva donation.

Kiva aims to help people improve their lives by encouraging lots of people like us to make small donations to people in poorer countries and they pay it back to us in installments, check out for more/better explanation!

Today my loan went to a group of three shopkeepers in Guatemala.

Turns out though that we've had so much snow tonight, I had to cancel my plans and stay in so Ive spent the last 5 plus hours making a matchbox shrine for a swap Im in on

The theme was to be a Mermaid Shrine and I have absolutely loved making it!

The matchbox is a 32 count box ie. about 2" x 1.5" in size. Ive decorated each side of the matchbox and inside is a 3D sea scene (try saying that fast!).

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 23

Despite being exhausted from my hiking, I forced myself into the craft room so I could keep up the Thing A Day 2010 challenge. I definitely feel like I need a day or two off from it though, I feel Im forcing my creativity and it doesn't like it!!

Im working tomorrow and then going out with my aunt in the evening so looks like I'll have tomorrow off from the challenge - oops!

Anyway just another quick make tonight. Eight inchies for some RAKs Ive agreed to on


Another long day for me today. Went geocaching again! (Im trying to make the most of my time off work). Today I did 8 miles, climbing up Kilpatrick Braes to Loch Humphrey.

It was a decent day weather wise, though a little cold. The Loch was frozen solid, but still looked amazing. The great news was that I found 10 out of 12 caches!

Loch Humphrey frozen solid.

View from near the top - thankfully I wasn't taking on this beast of a mountain!

This lovely little burn had icicles it was so cold! Despite the cold though it had frog spawn it in!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 22

Tonight I made four Twinchies to go with the two I made last night. Twinchies are pieces of art 2" x 2" in size. Im used to working with inchies that are only 1" x 1" so i find I have some much space on Twinchies to fill and don't think I've quite got the hang of it yet!

These Twinchies were for a Colour of the Rainbow swap, we had to make one to represent the colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue & Green. Im not a huge fan of bright coloured things so didn't really enjoy the challenge, maybe its just because Im tired after all my walking today! Anyway they are my make for today towards the Thing A Day challenge.

Fresh Air

So Ive just spent the last 4 plus hours out and about walking on the hunt for geocaches. (See I had a brilliant day, it was cold but successful, with me finding 4 out of 4 caches - yay me!!

I walked 6 miles round Glennifer Braes in Paisley, and took some interesting snaps.

This little guy and his friends got a bit close for comfort!

The final peak. Just had to find my way back now!!

This guy was out hunting worms and not caches like me!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 21

Eak I nearly forgot to upload a post tonight!

My 'Thing A Day' make for today was two sets of St. Patricks Day inchies for a swap over on swapbot. Nothing fancy, infact they are a little too simple for my liking.

I also made a start on some twinchies, we have to make six to represent different colours of the rainbow, they are for another swapbot swap - yep im addicted!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Thing A Day - Day 20

Phew just over a week to go in the Thing A Day 2010 challenge (make something everyday of February 2010).

I did a bit of Geocaching this morning and on my way back popped into the craft shop (a little muddy looking!) and selected the paper to use for my sisters Mothers Day Cards (see Day 18).

So this evening was spent cutting out enough pieces to make 30 cards - with some spares incase the kids make a boo boo!

Its taken me hours, 30+ frames, tags, Mum's, and 3 million flowers!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Thing A Day - Day 19

Well Im going to fail on the make something everyday of February. I have my Mum, sister, aunt, cousin and kids coming round in an hour and Ive been too busy getting ready for their arrival, you know the thing like dusting the light bulbs incase they inspect them, that I haven't had time to make anything today.

I did recieve an email from my swap partner who I sent my little inchie houses too. She got them yesterday and made them up and she has sweetly sent me a photo since we had to send them flat I never got to see them in their full glory. So here they are - least its something Ive made!!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thing A Day - Day 18

My younger sister volunteers at a Youth Club and she asked me this morning to design her a Mothers Day Cards that she could get the little horrors to make. Mothers Day is in March for UK people incase you were wondering!

So I dragged out the cricut, I can just about get to it through all the scraps of paper, bottles of glue & rolls of tape etc on my desk, (I really need to clean the craft room). My sister had mentioned flowers and some sort of frame, so I came up with the following idea - the colours are just from paper scraps, I still need to think them through.

Im thinking either a heart or just wording in the centre of the frame. What do you think?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 17

First things first then, you may notice Ive changed my background, thanks to

The previous background was white and so was the colour of my text when I posted, so I had to change it all the time and when I tried to do this I kept losing it all. It would seem if you highlight all your text blogger eats it! I was getting very frustrated so now its changed and I can relax!! For now anyway!

Today has been a busy day, I have a week off work just now, so Ive decided after my recent spell of lazieness to get on with life. I started by painting, not in the craft room but in my house.

I started with the bathroom, Ive hated the colour of it since I painted it first time round. It was supposed to be a metallic silver colour but it looked pale blue to me! So it was time for a change. Ive painted it white, so its nothing special but it took three coats to get rid of that darn blue!

Next I moved onto the kitchen, its already white, so I just gave it a fresh coat.

Knowing I had to 'make' something today for the Thing A Day challenge, I spent the afternoon making some Edgar Allan Poe Inchies for a swap Im hosting over on swapbot.

I then headed to Ikea in the hunt of some new pictures to go on my freshly painted walls, but I couldn't find anything I fancied. I bought one which I like but Im not sure its really right for the bathroom so it might end up in my bedroom!

On my way back from Ikea I decided to try and fit in some geocaching, nothing major just some quick dash & grab ones, it was 7pm after all!

I started off well and found #1 with ease. #2 proved more difficult, first there was a delivery truck & driver to outwait, then two staff members from Tescos chatting, after they left I made my way to grab the cache, but couldn't believe my bad luck when I rounded the corner to find a couple having an arguement over who cheated on who first just 2 foot from the cache! I gave up at this point!

So onto #3, it took me a bit of time to find the area in question, I'd never been there before. It turned out that I had to park near a cemetery, it was now 8pm and pitch black. I admit it I was scared!! LOL!

I was only a few hundred yards away so took a deep breath and braved it out. I got out the car and followed the GPS, but then I remembered that a few years back a women (lady of the night) had been found nearby with her arm severed and that was me, I ran back to the car and gave up!! I was probably right next to it, but I was so freaked I couldn't hunt, ha ha!

Fancy some geocaching fun?

Im tired now, and have a busy day again tomorrow, but I need to stay up and watch the Winter Olympics!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 16 part 2!

After feeling too tired earlier to craft I pulled my socks up and got on with it!

I joined a matchbox swap on swapbot "Mark My Words". The swap was to alter a matchbox covering it with words and then fill it with words that your partner could use in their projects.

So I spent the afternoon making my matchbox, my partner likes colours so I tried my best, even though its not my choice of style!

The finished matchbox, along with some extra papers.
Inside the matchbox!
Some of the words included.
Check out swaps at

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 16

So here we are at Day 16 of the Thing A Day 2010.

The Thing A Day is a challenge I am taking part in where you have to make something every day for the whole month of February. Im glad I took part in the challenge (even if I am taking part unofficially) as it has definitely encouraged me to get in the craft room and make something when normally I might not because I was too tired after work etc. However there is also a part of me that cant wait for it to finish as well because some days (like today) I just don't feel inspired and it seems like a huge hassle to force myself to make something.

So today I have started with a bit of a cheat, I haven't been into the craft room yet, but I will try later, but just incase my 'make' for today was a donation to KIVA.

If you haven't heard of KIVA, its an international website who aim to alleviate poverty. The site allows to you lend money to others who repay it back in installments. You can donate as little as $25 to people all around the world and it helps them improve their business or repair things. KIVA explains it much better than me, so why not take a look at their site.

Today was my fourth donation, and I chose to lend to Aslam Hamidov in Tajikistan.

In addition to yesterdays post, people have been asking for the recipe for the caramel shortcake. Its not my own recipe, but Ive used it many times and it is gorgeous! So here is the link, enjoy, and don't blame me if you put on the pounds!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 15

Im on nightshift tonight (booo!) and I had stuff on this morning so time is restricted today. I need to go have a quick sleep before dinner, so no time for the crafting unfortunately.

However don't worry I have made something today. Its for taking into work tonight and its in the kitchen cooling down, its making my tummy rumble just thinking about it! Its a favourite with my colleagues so I hope they are happy!

Its caramel shortcake!........I'll photograph it once its cut.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 14

So today is Valentines Day, and since my friend and I have recently become single neither of us were much in the mood for Lovey Dovey stuff so we spent the day out walking in the fresh air on the hunt for geocaches.

We managed to find 8 out of the 9 caches we went for and we even got 2 first to finds - woo hoo!

Unfortunately it meant that I didn;t get home until 8 oclock and I still had to make dinner, so Im afraid the craft room was never gonna happen!

So Ive cheated today and my 'make' for today is a digital collage of some of the photos I took while out & about!

The first photo shows a brilliant geocache hide. The cache was hidden in a carved wooden log - I loved it!

The second is Crookston Castle near Glasgow. It was superb, you can get right inside and climb to the top, exploring all the rooms as you go.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 13

Well if making a dent in your bank balance counts as making something then Ive succeeded today! I spent the day with my sister and parents and we ended up shopping - oh dear!

I got home late and just wanted to sit down and put the winter olympics on, but I went to the craft room and started some inchies. I cant wait for the end of the Thing a Day challenge so I can relax!!

Pictured is some black & white backgrounds Ive prepared & the four inchies Ive started - ill be adding more to them.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 12

Had the whole day to myself today, so did a bit of cleaning as well as crafting! Though I really need to clean my craft room - I can hardly see my desk anymore!

I made a set of four 'dark & eerie' inchies for a swap partner I have in a free theme Inchie swap. I had already made her some inchies but then read she liked dark & eerie so I'll keep the first set I made for someone else.

I made and finished my Inchie Houses - I quite like them, though I wish I was more skilled. We are posting them flat so I can't really photograph them made up, but Ive done my best with the photo!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 11

So im pretty tired after my exams today at work, but I still ventured into the craft room to attempt my daily "Thing A Day" when I got home.

I wasn't happy with the way my Inchie Houses were turning out (see day 4), so decided I needed to go back to the start, and choose less busy background papers for them.

Tonight I selected new papers, printed, cut and glued them to the base template and cut them out again. Ive photographed them folded but not glued as I still have to decorate them before they are fixed in place. I think they look better already but Im off to make some signage on paint shop pro for them such as 'bank', 'toilet' etc!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 10

Todays make is a quickie!

My friend and I are dreading Valentines Day this year, she is single and ive just recently become single, so I decided to make her a special surprise to brighten her day. We can't all be miserable right!

I bought her some chocolate hearts, and a hunk in a box (dont ask!), and something else which I can't for the life of me remember just now, so all I needed was a card. I obviuosly don't want to go and buy one, so I made her a little cute card with a difference! What so you think?!

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 9

Tonight I tackled some more inchies!

Im hosting a host called "Time for Inchies" on where you have to make six inchies based on the theme time. I love this theme and was really looking forward to making the Inchies, however when it came to the crunch I struggled. I just couldn't get my ideas to work in the tiny space.

Ive made six but I may remake some if I find more inspiration (or buy some more rubber stamps!). I already dismantled a watch to use the hands & cogs!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 8

Managed to squeeze in making a set of 4 Inchies today ...... better than nothing!

I went for the bright, wacky kind again, Im enjoying them just now! I used some of the new backgrounds I made yersterday.
I'll use these for a free themed inchie swap Im in.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thing a Day 2010 - Day 7

I finished work late today, and Im so tired after a hard week that the only reason I dragged myself into that craft room is because of the Thing A Day 2010 challenge!

I know next week is going to be even more of a challenge because Im working away for 3 days so fingers crossed I can keep it up!

Today I got back to basics and made myself a stock of inchie bases. I find it helps to have a stock so when you're feeling creative you can just grab them and get going without losing the inspiration.

I took a peice of A4 card and coloured it with acrylic paint. I then stamped on some of it or added torn paper. They give me a base to work on when I start my inchies.

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 6

I popped into the supermarket on the way home from work and bought new printer ink, so Im back in the game!!

My creation tonight was the last of the bookmarks for my swap on swapbot. My partner likes ladybugs & scrabble so I made her a bookmark with both on it. Not sure it works but I hope she likes it.

I also did some work on my Inchie Houses, but there is still some way to go with them, they are so tiny its hard to embellish them - I'll need to get my thinking cap on.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 5

Well Ive failed today to make anything other than my dinner!!

I tried, however my printer is out of yellow ink and wont recognise the new cartridge I have. Its one of those annoying printers that wont alow you to print at all if its out of one colour even if you dont need the colour its out of. I really wish you could over ride it but you cant. So making is out of the question until I get a new cartridge. Hopefully I'll be able to find some at the supermarket tomorrow after work.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 4

Im so tired after work today, it really was a struggle to make anything. I have to admit I haven't finished it, but I've started on my Inchies Houses. They are 3D houses one inch in size - so cute......well hopefully they will be when complete!!

I started by printing out the templates on blank white card and then some patterened paper - Yep my new paper was christened!! I stuck one to the other so I have a sturdy patterened card. Ive scored them so they are ready to bend and stick together, now I just need to embellish them.

I plan to make the pink flowery one a flower shop, but havent decided what the other two should be yet. I need to spend so time on the computer sizing up some designs, but Im too tired tonight.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 3

My car was in the garage today so really I should have made more since I was stuck indoors all day, but my creativity was lacking.

I got 4 swaps posted, and made one set of Inchies and another bookmark.

The inchies came from my desire for bright colours and a wild attitude!

I really need to make some more inchie backgrounds I usually just paint some white card with acrylic paint but Ive run out of card and despite walking round the whole town today I couldn't get any from anywhere.

The bookmark is for the swap I'm hosting on swapbot - Inchie Bookmarks. Its basically just an Inchie of some funky fibre - so simple but it works! I decorated both sides of the inchie to it doesn't matter how it sits.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Thing A Day 2010 - Day 2

Well thank goodness its THING a day and not more!

I was out all day walking and was exhausted by the time I got home and had dinner. I really didn't want to get in the craft room, but since I had to, I did!

First here is a snap I took when out today.....

I was geocaching all day and had a semi succesful time, finding 4 caches. I went to Largs in Ayrshire, it was cold and windy but after the snow stopped the sun came out.

OK, so my make for today is another Inchie bookmark.

This one is for my other partner, she is like me a loves anything Japanese themed, so i hope she likes her Geisha bookmark!

Oh, nearly forgot, guess what arrived today in the post but my new papers - Im so excited to use them, or at least spend ages looking at them before filing them away again in the "too nice to cut up" drawer!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Thing a Day 2010 - Day 1

Ok, so Day 1 has been a success!

Im taking part in a Twinchie swap over on, we have to make 5 Twinchies for our partner. I had made 2 over the weekend and today I finished the last 3 yay! The only problem is that I'm liking them so much I don't want to give them up! LOL!

Each one is 2" x 2" in size, a step up from the Inchies I've been making, although there is only an inch difference in size I felt like I had so much space to work with!

Im also hosting an Inchie Bookmark swap on swapbot. Partners were assigned today, one of my partners likes black & white & hearts so this is what I came up with for her .... lets hope she likes it!
I layered some black & white card, and rubber stamped the black & white pattern on the white card. I made the two inchies with chipboard and glued them on.

Thing A Day 2010

Ive just found out about the "Thing A Day 2010" challenge . The challenge is to make something everyday for the month of February.

Unfortunately it looks like Im too late to sign up so Im setting myself the challenge here! I shall try and make something everyday and display the photo here.

So I best go get in the craft room!!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Inchies Galore

Well I was out with the girls last night, so didn't get to bed until half six this morning - I was in the house earlier than this but HAD to watch last nights The Biggest Loser!! Im addicted to it - this is the first time Ive even HAD to watch a TV programme!

Due to being late to bed, I only had a few hours this afternoon to craft, but I made the most of it!

I finished off my magnetic inchies with some diamond glaze, although this stops you photographing them very well!

I also made inchies for the Alphabet Inchie Swap Im hosting on swapbot. This round was for the letters P - T. I went for Pirate, Queen, Red, Spider (which scared me even making it!!), & T-shirt! I haven't photogrpahed them yet, but I'll share soon.

I ordered some new paper pads today, ive had some bad luck of late and thought I'd treat myself since its payday. I went to the site with the intention of only spending £10, but ended up spending £20 - shame on me! I have millions of paper already!! I can't wait for it to arrive though! It will be the same as normal, I'll think its too nice to use and end up adding it to the pile - does anyone else do this?!

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well I mailed 11 packages today - 3 are for swaps on swapbot and the other 8 are surprise packages for swapbot members ..... will you be getting one?! The surprise packages contain handmade phone/bag charms that I made. Hope the receivers like them!

Ive been busy crafting away and Ive been making some really cool inchies (in my opinion anyway!). Ive got my magnetic ones ready for a swap, but don't know who Im sending too yet, only a few days until partners are assigned.

I also made a Sakura Pendant. I joined a swap for them back in June 2009 i think, I was looking at the old swap the other day and realised that someone had not got one from their partner so offered to make her one as it was a shame for her to miss out. Its now ready, and Im just waiting on her sending me her address.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Yoker at night

So I was dropping a friend off the other night after the cinema, and I saw a great view from near her house, but I didn't have my camera with me. It was about midnight and my camera phone just wasn't up to the task.

Anyway not one to be defeated I returned last night after work and armed with my camera attempted to get a good shot. Unfortunately it was windy and I was taking a photo over the river Clyde so the water wasn't smooth like a few nights before. I couldn't get a very good photo, I really need to study my camera more! Here is the final shot I settled for.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Im working today, so no time for being creative, however I made these inchies & ATCs yesterday so thought I'd share them. They are all for swaps I joined on I'd be lost without my daily fix of swapbot!

These inchies are for the "Love is in the air" swap that I'm hosting. One of the inchies opens up like a Valentines Day Card!

I then made two of these ATCs, for some swaps Im in.

Lastly I made some Zentangle Inchies, Im hosting a "Black & White" inchie swap so I'm not sure if I'll use these for that swap or just keep them for a zentangle swap!